Teddies on Cardano!

Our NFT Teddies aren't just your typical art collection—they're here to be your companions as you explore the possibilities of digital art on the blockchain.

Teddy Parade

Here's some of our cute little Teddies. Not all of them are cheerful, but they're loyal companions!

What is NiftyTeddy?

NiftyTeddy is a non-fungible token (NFT) collectible with unique traits.

It's also your ticket into the NiftyTeddyVerse (or TeddyVerse for short). We're here for a long time, and this is reflected in our plans for the ecosystem:


Visual Art


Our goal is to become a new medium for experiencing digital art and entertainment, powered by the Cardano blockchain.

The Origin of the Teddies

In the TeddyVerse, 10,000 NiftyTeddies were born. While there are many plausible theories as to how they came to being, the prevailing notion is that they were dimensional descendants of real-world bear species. These 10,000-strong NiftyTeddies generation were aptly called the Genesis Series. Each of these Genesis NiftyTeddies is a one-of-a-kind NFT, generated randomly from a combination of traits and items.

There are stirrings and rumors in the TeddyVerse that we've only just discovered the first of many NiftyTeddy inhabitants in the TeddyVerse.


NiftyTeddy Genesis Series

First 500 NiftyTeddies — 12 ₳ each
Next 2500 NiftyTeddies — 22 ₳ each
Next 7000 NiftyTeddies — 32 ₳ each

Note: Sales has ended. You may purchase Teddies on the secondary market such as jpg.store

Supporting Bear Conservation

5 % of Sales for Bears

As part of the NiftyTeddy project, we would love to spread awareness about declining populations of several species of bears around the world, and at the same time raise funds to support conservation efforts.

The rarity of each bear species on NiftyTeddy will mirror that of its real-world population and conservation status.

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The Roadmap

The TeddyVerse is an ever-growing project that will evolve as Cardano moves through the eras. As such, our roadmap is a living document of our journey, and we'll continue to update it from time to time!

TeddyVerse expansion plans

The NiftyTeddy Vision

We would like to be drivers for the change that blockchain technology is bringing upon the world.

NFT trailblazers such as the OG CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties, Hashmasks, and Spacebudz were our inspiration. They showed what was and continues to be possible with NFTs, how digital art can be reimagined, and pioneered NFTs on Cardano (Spacebudz). As we look up to our heroes in the NFT space, we too have missions of our own:

  • We want to push the boundaries of blockchain technology for art and storytelling
  • We want to create value for NiftyTeddy owners, and ultimately a unique experience
  • We want to use a portion of our proceeds to support charitable causes

Who are the founders?

We are a group of tech enthusiasts, consisting of Erwin (software engineer), Reuben (digital artist), as well as Joel and Daniel (app developers).

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You may reach out to us directly on Discord for support.


How can I buy a NiftyTeddy?

You will need to have a Cardano wallet. The wallet must have sufficient ADA, which is the cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain. Click on "Buy", then follow the instructions to make payment. You will receive your NiftyTeddy in your Cardano wallet shortly after your payment is successful.

Which wallets can I use?

What is a themed set?

How can I buy a themed set?

Are there any benefits for early adopters?

How can I know if my NiftyTeddy NFT is genuine?