A collectible digital art project

Collect from 10,000
Teddies with fun personalities.

What is NiftyTeddy?

NiftyTeddy is a collectible art project. Each art piece is stored as a "Non-Fungible Token" ("NFT") on the Cardano blockchain.

This project features 10,000 unique teddy bear art pieces, where each art piece is randomly generated and is permanently etched onto a NFT, minted as a native token on Cardano. The art pieces will be hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) as well as on Arweave for permanence.

NiftyTeddies are now available for sale!

Each NiftyTeddy art piece comes in the form of a digital artwork of a bear.

Each of the 10,000 bear artwork for sale is unique.

Each NiftyTeddy will have a combination of items and/or an outfit that is unique to that art piece.

The art collection features 12 different species of bears: Hip Himalayan, Sassy Sun, Pawsome Panda, Slumbery Sloth, Spiffy Spectacled, Pensive Polar, Mannerly Moon, Kurious Koala, Groovy Grizzly, Bratty Brown, Blazing Black, and Sparkly Spirit Bear.


First 500 NiftyTeddies — ₳ 12 each
Next 2500 NiftyTeddies — ₳ 22 each
Next 4000 NiftyTeddies — ₳ 32 each
Next 2500 NiftyTeddies — ₳ 42 each
Last 500 NiftyTeddies — ₳ 52 each


NiftyTeddy Project was born

Randomizer and image creation POC scripts created and tested

Work commenced for cardano node integration, mint-on-the-fly mechanism and other back end modules

Second draft of a NiftyTeddy

NiftyTeddy design finalized, together with all 11 species!

Successful test of cardano node integration and mint-on-the-fly mechanism

Successful implementation and test of refund mechanism for unsuccessful payments

Curation of NiftyTeddy traits, items and themed sets

Website and Twitter go live

Create all 10,000 NiftyTeddies

Full dress rehearsal testing

NiftyTeddy is launched

Pawtrait Creator 📸 for your NiftyTeddies

NiftyTeddy Explorer 🔎 - Showcasing the available NiftyTeddies

Play a fun mini game 🕹 with your NiftyTeddies

More giveaways! 🎁

Donation to IBA Conservation Fund

Supporting Bear Conservation

5 % of Sales for Bears

We love bears. A lot.

As part of the NiftyTeddy project, we would love to spread awareness about declining populations of several species of bears around the world, and at the same time raise funds to support conservation efforts. The rarity of each bear species on NiftyTeddy will mirror that of its real-world population and conservation status. We commit to donating 5% of total proceeds of sales from this project to the IBA Conservation Fund, which will go towards bear research and conservation efforts.

According to the IUCN Red List, 6 out of the 8 main species of bears are in Vulnerable status. These Vulnerable populations include the sun bear, sloth bear, giant panda, spectacled bear, polar bear and the asiatic black bear (a.k.a. moon bear). The koala, although not technically a bear, is also in Vulnerable status. The other two species that are not in Vulnerable status are the brown bear and the American black bear. Both of these species of bears have a "least concern" status. However, it is worth noting that even the brown bear is at risk of local extinction in some countries or regions around the world.

Who Are We?

Hello there! We are four guys who are very excited about Cardano and the crypto space in general. My name is Erwin, a software engineer. I work alongside Reuben, a digital artist, as well as Joel and Daniel, who are both app developers.

We can see how the application of blockchain technology is changing the world, and we would like to be part of the drivers for that change.

Last but not the least, we love bears. Part of the proceeds from this project will go towards starting a fund for bear conservation.


  • How can I buy a NiftyTeddy?

    You will need to have a Cardano wallet. The wallet must have sufficient ADA, which is the cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain. Click on "Buy", then follow the instructions to make payment. You will receive your NiftyTeddy in your Cardano wallet shortly after your payment is successful.
  • Which wallets can I use?

    For Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge users - you may use Yoroi. For Windows, MacOS, and Linux users - you may use Daedalus. Please ensure that your wallet is from the Shelley Era, which has native token support. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT SEND US PAYMENTS FROM AN EXCHANGE.
  • What is a themed set?

    A themed set in NiftyTeddy consists of 5 unique characters with a common theme. Each character will feature special items and outfits according to the theme. They will also share a special background to help you identify that they are part of a set. There will be 50 sets per theme, but each individual character is distinguishably unique from one another.
  • How can I buy a themed set?

    Teddies in themed sets are sold individually and are randomly distributed during the primary sale. To collect all teddies within a themed set, you will need to track and purchase teddies that are for sale in the secondary market.
  • Where can I sell or buy a NiftyTeddy after the sale is closed?

    Cardano NFTs are currently traded on some discord channels that offer escrow services. Alternatively, we will be providing a platform to trade NiftyTeddies on this website once Cardano progresses to the Goguen era after the Alonzo hard fork, which is also when smart contracts will be live on Cardano.
  • How can I know if my NiftyTeddy is genuine?

    You can check if the NiftyTeddy is minted with this Policy ID: 49d87796a0281b417c478fea3ebb61bfb948f3026e2e5b295ac3edf9