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Total NiftyTeddies: 10,000

Rarity Information

The following is a guide on the various factors that make a NiftyTeddy unique.

Rarity Tiers

Each NiftyTeddy is unique; created from a combination of traits and items with varying degrees of rarity. Rarity tiers have been assigned to provide a simple point of reference for NiftyTeddy rarity. The current rarity tiers are derived from 2 main explicit traits: Species and Theme Sets.

Note that:

  • Tier values are not explicit traits of the NFT itself, and would not show up on pool.pm or CNFT.io. They are only for reference, and can be viewed from the NiftyTeddy explorer.
  • Other traits (e.g items) are not factored into determining its rarity tier.


The current Genesis Series of NiftyTeddies are based on real-world bear species. Apart from physical appearance, NiftyTeddies also share a similar relative population count with their real-world counterparts. For example: Sparkly Spirit Teddies, which are based on the real-world Spirit Bears (only ~100 in the wild), are extremely rare in the Teddy-verse (only 10 of 10,000).

Theme Sets

Theme sets add another dimension to the rarity and value of NiftyTeddies.

The Teddy-verse is a combination of NiftyTeddies from different epochs or “themes”. Each theme (other than General) has a set of unique characters. For example, characters of the RPG World Theme are Assassin, Bar-bear-ian, Knight, Ranger and Wizard. Each character has its own unique set of items. This makes NiftyTeddies from a theme set (other than General) very rare.

With themes, collectors have the goal of accumulating complete sets of all characters, which enhances the value of their collection. Rumour has it that there are rewards for collectors who have set off on this quest.


Items have varying degrees of rarity. Certain items have variants that are extremely rare. For example, there is only 1 green Wizard Staff in the entire collection; all other Wizard Staffs are either red or purple.

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